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Precision Optical breaks down the application of its optics into 6 distinct industries: Laser, Biomedical, Defense, Aerospace, Semi-conductor, and Metrology.

  • Laser: Ever since the invention of the LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) in 1958, individuals, companies, and corporations have been continually discovering new applications of its potential. From short distance range finding on golf courses, to long distance range finding on satellites; from accurate laser designators for ground troops, to infrared countermeasures on aircraft, lasers require the use of optics to accurately steer their beam. Lasers and optics even hold the potential to unlock fusion thru the ignition of hydrogen at facilities like NIF (National Ignition Facility) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Precision Optical has been serving the Laser Industry by manufacturing laser quality optics for over 5 decades. We look forward to the future success and applications of the LASER, and we manufacture the most demanding optics in order to advance its significance.
  • Biomedical: The Biomedical industry has been a staple application of optics for decades. Certain advancements in medical surgery can be attributed to a surgeons’ ability to “see” inside a body while making minimal incisions outside the body. With the aid of fiber optics and micro-optics, high performance full spectrum endoscopes allow for excellent vision in very hard to reach places of the human body. A significant need for optics in the biomedical realm is in blood cell spectroscopy. Laser, optics, and sensors are used in combination to detect light scatter emanating from blood samples in flow cells. This allows companies and agencies to analyze red and white blood counts to assist in the detection of disease. The ability to analyze blood cells photopically, is, and will continue to be, a very important application of optics. Precision Optical has been consistently manufacturing optics for the biomedical industry for decades. We are excited and intrigued by all biomedical applications, and we are devoted to seeing optics and photonics assist in the health advancement of society.
  • Defense: The Defense industry continues to be one of the leaders in advanced optics. This day and age, the security and defense of a nation relies on technological advancements. Optical advancements in detection, surveying, and weaponry, are pivotal to maintaining strategic military balance in this world. Precision Optical is proud to provide the highest quality optics to support the United States and its defense sub-contractors. We are ISO 9001-2008 certified, and ITAR and EAR compliant. Our engineering staff will work directly with our customers in design efforts to help mitigate cost, yet maximize performance of optical systems. Precision Optical understands the significance and importance of high quality optics for Defense applications, as can be seen in our rich history of Defense program involvement:

  • Aerospace: One of the most fascinating applications of optics in this world is for the aerospace industry. From satellite manufacturing, to space station docking, to the optics on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Precision Optical supplies optics for a variety of aerospace applications. In fact, the first cornercube array placed on the moon’s surface during the Apollo 11 mission (LURE) consisted of cornercubes manufactured by Precision Optical. Aerospace companies continually come to us for demanding applications, where ultra-high precision and quality are essential. Our precision alignment cubes are a staple product for the aerospace industry, and will continue to be essential for precision datum alignment in space, and in the manufacturing of space-qualified equipment. Precision Optical is proud to support the aerospace industry and its efforts in continuing the study and exploration of the universe.
  • Semi-Conductor: The science behind the manufacturing and inspection of etched silicon wafers for computer processors requires the utmost of precision. To meet that precision, the optical components that make up the photolithography stepper and inspection tools must be extremely precise. Precision Optical is continually “pushing the envelope” to meet the requirements of this exponentially growing industry. The demand for the line widths of wafer patterns continues to get deeper into the UV in order to make processers smaller and more powerful. The quality of the stepper and inspection tools that image and inspect the wafer patterns must adapt to meet this demand. Precision Optical fully supports the semi-conductor industry, and understands that optical materials , optical coatings , and optical metrology must also adapt to the ever-growing needs of the market.
  • Metrology: A company’s ability to provide quality is based on the company’s ability to assure that level of quality. Precision Optical understands the importance of the Metrology Industry, because metrology is so inherently used throughout the process of optical manufacturing. We find ourselves going quite “full-circle,” as many of the optical components that we manufacture, are in-fact, used in many of the metrology devices that we in-turn use to inspect our optics. This generates a constant “push” for higher and higher levels of precision in the industry and within our company. To Precision Optical, it also means that we can service many of the metrology tools and reference optics that we use daily, allowing our vertical integration to achieve consistent new heights. The end result is that we can service our customers and suppliers in the Metrology Industry at the cutting-edge of technology. Some of our longest and most reliable commercial programs are based in Metrology, and we plan on that never changing!