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About Precision Optical

About Precision Optical

About Precision Optical

Precision Optical was founded in 1959 by Chester and Ruth Berry. Chester was an early pioneer in the world of optics. He contributed to some notable projects during the 1940’s and 50’s, including the manufacture of large mirrors for the Palomar Observatory in San Diego County, California.

In 1959, the Berrys went into business for themselves and founded Precision Optical. They opened a small shop on the west side of Costa Mesa at 643 West 17th Street. They saw a burgeoning demand for corner cube reflectors and solid glass rangefinders. Chester developed innovative manufacturing methods, including the use of molded blanks, optical contacting, and replication coatings. These methods greatly enhanced manufacturing efficiency and quality.

Over the next decades, Precision Optical enjoyed great success selling solid retro-reflectors to the surveying and space industries. Precision Optical sold reflectors to support the Apollo Program. In the 1980’s and into the 90’s the company shifted its primary focus from the surveying industry to defense and the burgeoning fields of semi-conductor, aircraft, satellite, and bio-medical technology and manufacture.

The Lambert family took over ownership of the company in the early 90’s. Ruth and Chester continued to work for the company until their retirement in the 2000’s. Every year, one employee is selected by the whole company to receive the “Founders’ Award,” which is named after Ruth and Chester. Chester passed away in 2008 at 92 years of age. Ruth has retired, but she regularly attends company parties and events.

Today, Precision Optical is poised to enter the next era of its long and storied existence. In October of 2011, the company moved across town into a new and much larger facility. Located at 320 Kalmus Drive in Costa Mesa, the new facility was custom-designed by Precision Optical to be an ideal optics manufacturing plant. The company has also acquired new metrology and manufacturing equipment, making it one of the world’s most well-equipped optical manufacturing companies.

More than 60 years after Chester and Ruth founded the company, Precision Optical remains family-centered and committed to providing a fun, friendly, and challenging work environment for its employees.

Our Facilities

Our state-of-the- art, 41,655 square-foot facility is located less than five minutes from John Wayne Airport at 320 Kalmus Drive in Costa Mesa, California. After more than 50 years on the west side of Costa Mesa, we relocated to north-east Costa Mesa in October of 2011 almost tripling our manufacturing space in the process.

Our new facility was custom-designed by us, Precision Optical, to be completely optimized for the manufacturing of precision optical components and assemblies. Every aspect of the facility’s design was meticulously considered by our engineers, management and manufacturing personnel. The facility features epoxy flooring throughout and state-of-art climate and particulate controlled rooms. Each manufacturing department was carefully positioned to maximize work-flow efficiencies. The end result is an optics manufacturing facility that allows us to maximize what matters most: precision and quality.

We also took great pains to design a facility that minimizes our carbon footprint. To that end, the facility includes solar roof panels to reduce our demand on the electrical grid, energy efficient lighting and air conditioners, along with drought-tolerant landscaping.

We are very proud of our new facility. If you are interested in visiting us and learning more about Precision Optical, please contact us and we’ll schedule a personalized tour.

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