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QA & Metrology

QA & Metrology

An optics company’s ability to manufacture is often limited by the precision of its optical testing equipment. For this reason, Precision Optical is committed to the acquisition of state-of-the-art precision metrology equipment to support all of our optical fabrication processes. As a supplier of precision optical components to the aerospace, defense, biomedical, semiconductor, laser, metrology, and other technological driven industries, Precision Optical understands the importance of providing accurate and reliable measurements for our customers. Our experienced quality assurance and engineering personnel undergo continuous training in order to fully utilize the capabilities of modern metrological technology.

Precision Optical plays an active role in establishing correlation between leading brands of optical testing equipment, and we work closely with customers and suppliers to ensure confidence in the most critical optical testing measurements. In addition to providing quality assurance and metrology of components manufactured by Precision Optical, we also provide a broad range of metrology services to support customer needs.

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