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Catalog Optics

Precision Optical was primarily a catalog house beginning in the mid-1980’s.  The catalog effort started with former President and owner Richard Sellers, who brought his catalog knowledge from Melles Griot at the time.  Current CEO and Chairmen Al Lambert Sr. designed and developed our catalog in the 80’s and it is still referenced to this day with older legacy part numbers.

Moving into the late 90’, the demand for high accuracy optics dominated over traditional catalog optics tolerances, and our ability to compete with larger catalog houses dwindled.  We therefore evolved back into a predominately custom optics shop, with our catalog alignment cubes being the only prevalent catalog optic.

As the company has progressed, however, we have selected a handful of optics to re-introduce our catalog optics line.  Along with our amazingly precise alignment cubes which are requested throughout the world, Precision Optical now offers catalog corner cubes, porro prisms, right angle prisms, and (newly released) penta prisms.

See our attached (PDF) catalog drawing for our high end alignment cubes.

See our attached (PDF) catalog drawing for our Corner Cube Retroreflectors.

See our attached (PDF) catalog drawing for our high end Penta Prisms.

See our attached (PDF) catalog drawing for our high end Porro Prisms.

See our attached (PDF) catalog drawing for our high end Right Angle Prisms.

Please see each of our individual catalog drawings above and request a quote from today!

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Donald A. Pearson II

Äpre Instruments

I am always very happy with Precision Optical. Their lead times and delivered product are excellent. I wish more of our suppliers were like Precision Optical!

Brian Monacelli, Ph.D.

Laser Technology Professor - Pasadena City College

Partnering with Precision Optical through their Ensign-Lambert Optics Education Program has allowed over 120 of my laser and optical technology students to gain real-world perspective with hands-on work in optics. These interactions directly motivate the next generation of technicians as they learn first-hand how this fascinating work with industrial hardware will translate into rewarding careers.