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Custom Prisms

Custom Prisms

The Prism Specialists


Precision Optical’s core product has always been the ultra-precise prism.  We manufacture some of the most challenging prisms in the world, from standard prism shapes to intricate custom geometries.  We are capable of producing prism sizes from 3mm to 300mm, with or without custom thin film coatings, as individual components or as multi-component prism assemblies.  Precision Optical continuously pushes the threshold of prism manufacturability, while maintaining competitive pricing and quick delivery.

Prisms are essential in optical systems for functions such as beam steering, beam displacement, beam splitting/combining, image inversion, and image rotation.  Precision Optical is capable of achieving mechanical tolerances within 0.012mm, angle tolerances below one second of arc, and surface forms well below lambda/20.  Many of our prisms are used in laser applications where surface quality (scratch-dig) requirements are critical to system performance.  We regularly deliver high-end, ultra-precise prisms, in high volume, with laser quality specifications.  We can even manufacture (what is classified as) zero defect optical apertures.

Precision Optical applies thin film coatings in-house to 98% of all the coated prisms we manufacture, on material from UV to NIR.  We can also supply prisms for IR applications out of CaF2, ZnSe, and Ge. Our prisms are supplied with detailed inspection reports, interferograms, all accompanying certifications and 100% inspection.  We are the prism specialists!