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Angular Testing

Angular Testing

Precision Optical utilizes autocollimation, goniometers, and interferometric equipment to obtain precise angular measurements of optical components and assemblies. Our extensive collection of Davidson and Nikon brand autocollimators allows for unlimited freedom in configuring various measurement setups, which are calibrated using NIST traceable angle block sets. Our engineering team works closely with our Machine Shop to build custom fixtures that can hold optical components at any orientation, enabling precise measurement of compound angles and other unusual geometries.

Our precision goniometers allow absolute measurement capability to sub arc second accuracy. External angles can be verified to 0.2 arc second accuracy traceable to PTB. Transmission deflection angles (i.e. beam deviation) can be verified to 1 arc second accuracy. Combined with our autocollimators, our goniometers give Precision Optical endless angle measurement capability.

Precision Optical relies upon interferometers for the most demanding angular / beam deviation measurement of corner cubes, porro prisms, parallel windows, penta prisms, and optically wedged prisms. Our interferometers are capable of measurement accuracy exceeding 0.1 seconds of arc.

Precision Optical also employs our CMM (Coordinate-Measuring Machine) capabilities for the measurement of datums and angular measurements involving non-optical surfaces. Please visit our interferometric testing page and mechanical testing page for more information on our interferometer and CMM capabilities.



  • • Modern Zygo and 4D interferometers with state of the art angular and deviation analysis; custom software & hardware setups
  • • In-process interferometers for fringe and phase-shifting analysis of angles/parallelism
  • • Tri-Optics Prism Master HR MOT goniometer
  • • Tri-Optics Prism Maser Flex goniometer
  • • Moller-Wedel Goniomat M5 XL goniometers
  • • Davidson autocollimators and coordinate autocollimators
  • • Custom Camera Mounted Collimators & Alignment Telescopes
  • • Nikon autocollimators with universal positioning stands
  • • NIST traceable angle block sets, PTB traceable angle master, in-house calibrated masters
  • • Precision fixtures for measurement of compound prism angles and other unique optical component geometries
  • • CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machines) for angular measurements involving non-optical and datum surfaces