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  • 4D FizCam 2000EP Dynamic Interferometer with 150mm Aperture

  • Zygo ATZ Verifire Phase-Shifting Interferometer with 450mm Aperture

    homogeneity testing
  • Custom Electronic Tip/Tilt Mount Capable of Holding up to 520mm Optics

  • 4D NanoCam Sq Dynamic Surface Profiler

    homogeneity testing
  • Zygo ATZ Verifire with 1.8m Radius Slide and Displacement Measuring Interferometer (DMI)

    homogeneity testing

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Interferometric Testing


  • Zygo ATZ Verifire phase shifting interferometer with MetroPro 9 and Mx, dual 150mm and 450mm apertures (1K x 1K)
  • Zygo ATZ Verifire phase shifting interferometer with MetroPro 9 and Mx, with DMI radius slide and 100mm aperture (1K x 1K)
  • 4D Fizcam 2000EP dynamic interferometer with 150mm aperture and large beam expansion capability (1K x 1K)
  • 4D AccuFiz phase shifting interferometer with 150mm aperture with 1K x 1K and dynamic capability (500 x 500)
  • 4D NanoCam Sq dynamic surface profiler with 20x Linnik objective (1K x 1K)
  • (4) Wyko 6000 phase shifting interferometers with 4D upgrade and up to 300mm aperture (640 x 480)
  • Wyko 100 phase shifting interferometer with 4D upgrade and 25mm aperture (640 x 480)
  • Zygo GPI-XP phase shifting interferometer with MetroPro 9 upgrade and 100mm aperture (640 x 480)
  • Zygo Mark II phase shifting interferometer with Vision32 software and 100mm aperture
  • ESDI Intellium Z100 with 100mm aperture

Precision Optical utilizes a variety of interferometers and interferometric techniques in order to meet the demands of the optics industry. From static fringe analysis on the shop floor, to ultra-precision measurements using both dynamic and temporal phase-shifting interferometers, Precision Optical relies on its interferometry to measure various optical specifications. Surface figure, irregularity, radii, transmitted wavefront error, aberrations, 90 Deg angles, beam deviation (transmitted and reflected), wedge magnitude/parallelism, slope magnitude, and homogeneity testing are just some of the analysis that Precision Optical can perform. We can import/export the following dataset formats: 4D (.h5), Wyko/Veeco (.opd), Opticode (.map), MetroPro (.dat), CODE V (.int) or ESD, HDF4 (.HDF).

Precision Optical manufactures the majority of its own transmission and reference flats to better than lambda/40. With our Zygo 450mm reference flat we have the capability of measuring transmitted wavefront and performing homogeneity testing over large apertures. We also have an AOS custom electronic tip/tilt mount capable of holding up to 520mm diameter optics (larger optics capable upon request). We manufacture our own tip/tilt plates and tooling for custom applications. We are very familiar with setups including: single-pass and double-pass prism testing, 90 Deg internal and external measurements, parallelism, beam deviation, multiple-region analysis and homogeneity testing. RMS simple repeatability typically is on the order of lambda/10,000 and angular accuracy is ± 0.1 arc seconds.