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  • CMM Inspection with Fully Automated 500X Imaging Capability

    cmm metrology
  • Master Gage Block Sets and C-mic's for Precision Mechanical Testing

    cmm metrology
  • Precision Drop Gage Indicator for Mechanical Testing

    cmm inspection
  • Engineered CMM Metrology Routines for Multiple Part Measurement

    cmm inspection

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Mechanical Testing


  • Optical Gaging Products Avant Zip CMM, with fully automated three-axis touch probe and 300X optical imaging capabilities
  • SeeBrēz CMM with fully automated 500X optical imaging capabilities
  • Digital drop gages, micrometers, and calipers
  • NIST traceable gage block sets
  • Precision CNC machined fixtures for accurate position of optical components during measurement of intricate prism geometries

Precision Optical utilizes a broad range of mechanical inspection equipment to ensure accurate measurement and safe handling of optical surfaces. Our fully automated CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) equipment plays a central role in mechanical inspection due to its ability to perform many touch probe and optical measurements, which are used to calculate prism dimension. Our CMM’s provide accurate, minimally invasive measurements which are used to determine complex prism geometries, distances from theoretical apex to datum surfaces, and critical sharp edge chip specifications.

Our CMM metrology is supported by an extensive variety of standard metrology instruments, including digital micrometers, drop gages, calipers, and optical microscopes. Our engineering team works closely with our machine shop to build custom fixtures, further enabling our mechanical inspection equipment to make precise measurements of intricate optical components.