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Precision Optical Offers Custom Metrology Services and Solutions!

Interferometer5In order to satisfy ever-evolving customer demands, the limits of optical manufacturing are consistently pushed at Precision Optical.  And in order to guarantee requirements that push the threshold of pre-existing metrology, we must continually invest in state-of-the-art metrology services and equipment.

Interferometer6Precision Optical utilizes its arsenal of metrology equipment on all products delivered, where 100% inspection of finished articles is often required.  In addition to using metrology equipment for fully furnished optical components, coatings and assemblies, we also offer metrology services on customer furnished materials.  Delivering typically 3,000 – 5,000 optical components per month (majority laser quality optics), we are experts at handling delicate optics and preserving quality.

Precision Optical has well over 150 years of combined metrology experience, and it shows in the superior quality and consistency of our metrology services.  Using interferometry, surface profilometery, spectrophotometry, autocollimation, coordinate measurement machines, environmental testing equipment, and traditional mechanical inspection equipment, Precision Optical is ideally equipped to offer a vast array of metrology services for both plano and spherical elements.  Our ability to support these services with detailed inspection reports, First Article Inspection (FAI), Qualification Unit Testing, Acceptance Test Procedures, proper supporting documentation (NIST & PTB traceable), and custom detailed reporting and presentations,  ensures that Precision Optical will exceed your expectations.SurfaceProfiler PrismMaster









Precision Optical metrology services include, are not limited to, the following:











Specific interferometric testing can include surface figure, irregularity, transmitted wavefront error, 90° internal and external measurements, beam deviation, wedge magnitude, corner cube, slope magnitude, homogeneity testing, multiple-region analysis, and 3-flat testing.

Please visit our quality assurance and metrology web pages for further details, and contact us to discuss your needs for metrology services!