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  • Rail Mounted Laser

    Rail Mounted Laser
  • Perkin-Elmer Lambda 950 Spectrophotometer with Universal Reflectance Attachment

    Rail Mounted Laser
  • Rail Mounted Laser with Variable Polarization, Allowing for Extinction Ratio and Phase-Shift Difference Measurements

    UV visible spectrophotometer
  • Perkin-Elmer Lambda 900 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer with PELA-1030 Variable Absolute Reflectance Attachment


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Spectral Testing

With the current and future demand for extremely high quality coating performance in the optics industry, proper calibrated spectral testing is essential. Precision Optical utilizes a combination of Near-IR and UV visible spectrophotometer devices and rail mounted laser setups to ensure spectral compliance for customer needs.

Our Near-IR and UV visible spectrophotometer testing includes:

  • Perkin-Elmer Lambda 900 with PELA-1030 10 Deg to 70 Deg variable absolute reflectance attachment with UV WinLab software.
  • Perkin-Elmer Lambda 950 with Universal Reflectance Attachment (URA) for absolute reflectance over digitally input angles of incidence with UV WinLab software
  • General Purpose Optical Bench (GPOB) for custom sample, component and assembly testing.
  • Instruments and accessories (which are interchangeable on both tools) give us the ability to cross-check instruments, and virtually perform any type of transmission or reflectance measurement from 200nm to 3200nm with polarization capabilities.

Our Rail Mounted Laser testing includes:

  • 632.8nm He-Ne random polarized laser
  • S, P, and 45 Deg polarizers with digitally controlled rotation wheel
  • Extremely sensitive detector for high extinction ratio measurement capability
  • S & P measurement capability.
  • Phase-Shift Difference measurement capability.
  • Full 360 Deg angle rotation stage.
  • Alternate laser wavelengths capable.