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  • Optical Inspection of Surface Quality in Dark Room Environment

    Surface Quality
  • Interference Fringe Pattern of Corner Cube with ¼ Arc Second Beam Deviation and 1/10 Arc Second Angles

    Optical Flatness
  • Surface Quality Inspection of Cube Beam Splitter

    Optical Flatness
  • Surface Flatness and Irregularity < 1/20 Lambda Over 18-Inch Aperture

    Optical Flatness

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Specifications and Tolerances

Specifications and Tolerances Capabilities

  • Experience with MIL Standards & Specifications: ANSI/ASME Standards, ISO Specifications, Customer Issued Documents
  • Dimensions: within ± 0.005mm
  • Surface Quality Standards: Per MIL-PRF-13830_B; ANSI/OEOSC OP1.002-2009; ISO 10110
  • Surface Quality Achievable: Laser Quality, 60/40 down to 0/0 (zero defects)
  • Angles / Beam Deviation: sub arc second / ± 1 arc second
  • Flatness: < λ/40
  • Transmitted Wavefront: < λ/20
  • Sharp Roof Edges: minimal edge chips (< 0.010mm)
  • Coatings: Laser line anti-reflection, broadband anti-reflection, dielectric mirrors, metal mirrors, custom coatings

Precision Optical specializes in manufacturing quality optical components to support our customers’ most critical applications. We continuously endeavor to improve and expand our manufacturing capabilities, thus establishing our reputation as an industry leader in achieving the most difficult prism tolerances. We are pleased to offer optical components with excellent surface quality, angles, and optical flatness specifications. Precise tolerances on dimensions, sharp roof edges, thin film coatings and prism assemblies are also readily available.

Precision Optical has a comprehensive understanding of various standard and tolerance formats widely used by the Optics Industry. We have experience working with many MIL Specs, ANSI/ASME Standards, ISO Specifications and customer-issued quality documents. Our experienced sales and engineering teams carefully review each optical component to identify its most challenging features and devise unique manufacturing solutions. Precision Optical also works closely with customers to explore tolerancing options that can maximize system performance while maintaining competitive pricing.