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  • Espec Brand Environmental Chambers, ESS Testing and Thermal Cycling from -60°C to 80°C with Nitrogen Purge Capabilities

    Thermal Influence
  • Humidity Testing Chambers

    Humidity Testing, ESS Testing

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Environmental Testing


  • Fully programmable ESPEC temperature chamber capable of rapid cycling from -65°C to +100°C
  • Fully programmable ESPEC humidity/temperature chamber capable of cycling from ambient conditions up to 100%RH and 100°C
  • Industrial oven, fully automated thermal cycling from ambient to 275° C
  • ISO and MIL standards compliant abrasion and adhesion tests

Precision Optical is committed to ensuring that all of our optical components meet our customers’ environmental requirements. Our in-house environmental testing capabilities include thermal cycling with optional dry nitrogen purge, humidity testing, and thin film coating abrasion/adhesion tests per customary military and commercial specifications and standards.

For laser damage threshold determination and more extensive environmental testing, Precision Optical has strong business partnerships with industry leaders such as SPICA Technologies to ensure conformance to all of our customer’s specifications. Precision Optical also works closely with customers during advanced ESS testing to ensure compliance of our integrated components at the system level to stringent requirements such as vibration/shock resistance.