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Precision Optical Adds New Thin Film Coating Metrology and Capability

In 2019 Precision Optical made strategic investments into thin film coating capital equipment.  We acquired a new Perkin Elmer Lambda 1050 spectrophotometer equipped with the Total Absolute Measurement System (TAMS).  TAMS gives us a combination of the highest degree of flexibility and accuracy with the 1050 for UV/ViS/NIR applications.  In addition to measuring bi-directional transmittance a reflectance at variable AOI ranging from 5-80° we can also measure angular resolved scattering (BRDF/BTDF). Precision Optical also acquired a new Tecport thin film coating chamber which was installed in March 2019.  This brand new Symphony 12 is a large format (1200mm) e-beam evaporator, with ion assisted deposition, enabling the manufacture of more complex thin film custom coating designs.  

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Precision Optical Successfully Manufactures 24” Reference Optical Flats

In 2017 and 2018, Precision Optical successfully manufactured multiple large optical flats.  These reference optics had apertures > 600mm, and some weighed nearly 200 lbs.!  With months of engineering, design reviews, and tooling and equipment development, Precision Optical was able to repeat the necessary optical performance to prove that we could deterministically achieve success.

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Precision Optical Produces Optics for HEL Applications

Laser systems require optical components made with extremely high quality raw materials. These materials, combined with proper machining, controlled grinding for sub-surface damage removal, ultra-precision polishing and extremely robust thin film coatings are required to meet the demands of HEL (High Energy Laser) systems.

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Precision Optical Announces Catalog Porro Prisms and Right Angle Prisms

Precision Optical’s core products for nearly the past 60 years has been extremely precise prisms and prismatic optics. While we will continue to be an industry leader in the production of customized optical components, we are pleased to once again offer catalog right angle prisms and now offer catalog porro prisms!

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Precision Optical Manufactures Multiple 24″ Optical Flats in 2016

In 2016, Precision Optical produced multiple optical flats greater than 600mm in diameter. Our nearly-60 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, coupled with our fabrication and state-of-the-art metrology equipment, has allowed us to successfully delivery optical flats of this size.

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Precision Optical Announces Catalog Corner Cube Retroreflectors for Sale!

One of Precision Optical’s core products for the past 55 years has been the corner cube retroreflector. To this day, our ability to produce high quality corner cubes in volume is virtually unparalleled in the industry. While we will continue to be an industry leader in the production of customized optical components, we are pleased to once again offer catalog corner cubes!

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Precision Optical Offers High Quality Beam Splitter Solutions

A common element used in optical systems is known as a beam splitter. Beam splitting optical assemblies and elements play an integral role in optical systems by splitting, combining, and controlling the directions of multiple beam paths. Specialized thin film coatings applied to optical surfaces divide beams of light into separate wavelengths and polarization states with specific targeted values of transmittance and reflectance.

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Precision Optical Offers Custom Metrology Services and Solutions!

Precision Optical utilizes its arsenal of metrology equipment on all products delivered, where 100% inspection of finished articles is often required. In addition to using metrology equipment for fully furnished optical components, coatings and assemblies, we also offer metrology services on customer furnished materials.

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