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Exploring the Cutting-Edge Coating Capabilities at Precision Optical

Precision Optical is more than just an optical manufacturing company equipped with CNC and advanced metrology capabilities. We boast a fully integrated coating department that surpasses many specialty coating service providers in size and capability. With the addition of four new coating machines over the past decade and ongoing investments in durability and spectral metrology equipment, we are poised for growth. We aim to attract new customers and expand the services we provide to our existing customer base.

Comprehensive Coating Solutions

We have the capability to coat nearly all of the optics we manufacture; from corner cube retroreflectors and alignment cubes to precision optical flats and custom optical assemblies, granting us tremendous flexibility in meeting customer commitments. Over the decades, this has provided us with exceptional hands-on experience. Therefore, you can trust that your optics will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism when it comes to coat-only services. Our deep understanding of optical construction translates directly into our coating services, ensuring exceptional turn-around time.

Whether you need anti-reflective (AR) coatings for high-energy laser (HEL) applications, or beamsplitter coatings for laboratory use, Precision Optical can deliver a tailored coating solution. Our list of standard coating types includes:


  • Protected/Enhanced Aluminum
  • Protected/Enhanced Silver
  • Dielectric Broadband
  • Cold/Hot


  • Single-Layer
  • V-Coat
  • Double V-Coat
  • Broadband (UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, EX)


  • Non-Polarizing
  • Polarizing
  • Broadband Polarizing
  • Plate


  • Shortwave Pass
  • Longwave Pass
  • Band Pass
  • Neutral Density

Advanced Metrology Capabilities

Precision Optical is equipped with a Perkin Elmer Lambda 1050 spectrophotometer featuring the Total Absolute Measurement System (TAMS).  This combination offers the highest degree of flexibility and accuracy for UV/Vis/NIR applications. We can perform traditional transmission/reflection measurements at variable angles of incidence (AOI), as well as scatter measurements. Our metrology arsenal includes two new detector sets: a primary InGaAs detector for high accuracy across a broad wavelength range, and a large enhanced Si detector set for extremely sensitive spectrophotometer applications. These instruments, combined with our Lambda 950 + Universal Reflectance Accessory (URA) and Lambda 900 + PELA 1030 accessory, enable incredible spectral inspection capabilities from 175-3300 nm, strengthening our overall metrology prowess.

Our Latest Equipment Enhancements

Our recent acquisitions include a CEC Navigator 1100 IBS and a Tecport Symphony 12. The former expands our capabilities into ion beam sputtering (IBS) technology and rugate coatings, while the latter, a large format (1200mm) e-beam evaporator with ion-assisted deposition, allows us to fabricate more complex thin film custom coating designs with traditional e-beam evaporation. The Symphony 12 is specifically designed to accommodate large optics up to 480mm in diameter.

Contact Us

For more information or to request a coating quote, please contact us or email us at We are ready to meet your optical coating needs with precision and expertise.