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Precision Optical Produces Optics for HEL Applications

Precision Optical has been serving the laser industry since our founding in 1959 (one year after the invention of the LASER). In addition to being family owned and run, Precision Optical’s vertical integration including fabrication, metrology, thin-film coatings, and a machine shop allows us to produce final products from raw materials at a single location.

As laser technology has evolved, so have we through the development of proprietary manufacturing methods that have been crafted and honed over nearly six decades!

Laser systems require optical components made with extremely high quality raw materials.  These materials, combined with proper machining, controlled grinding for sub-surface damage removal, ultra-precision polishing and extremely robust thin film coatings are required to meet the demands of HEL (High Energy Laser) systems.

In addition, these components often have very tight surface defect requirements (often 20-10 or better). Precision Optical’s commitment to cleanliness, with multiple Class 1000 cleaning hoods and a dedicated clean room for assembly and packaging, ensures that such tight defect specifications are regularly achieved.

Combining these capabilities with our high-end metrology testing capabilities housed within our 42,000 sq. ft. facility in Costa Mesa, California, we are a “one-stop-shop” for your HEL applications.

Precision Optical is proud to be contributing to some of the highest power optical systems in the world, and we expect that to continue.  We understand the needs of HEL applications from laser research to defense.  As the needs of the industry and our national security become increasingly paramount in the future, we look forward to pushing the threshold of high power optics and continuing to provide the highest quality of high energy laser products and services available in the industry.


Precision Optical Produces Optics for HEL Applications