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Material Types

  • Common Schott glass types, including N-BK, N-BAK, N-F, N-SF and more
  • Common Ohara glass types, including S-BSL, S-LAH, S-TIH and more
  • Quartz and Fused Silica, such as Infrasil, Homosil, Suprasil, 7980
  • UV and IR Materials, CaF2, Germanium, ZnSe
  • Zerodur and CCZ glass-ceramics
  • Supremax and PEG Pyrex equivalent
  • Filter glass
  • Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Nitride, ceramic, metal alloys and plastics for structural bonding

Glass manufacturers offer a wide variety of optical glass types, each with its own unique set of optical, chemical and physical properties. Precision Optical relies on our experience to identify the challenges of working with specific glass types and apply manufacturing strategies necessary for ensuring success. We have extensive experience working with fused silica, crown, flint, and filter glass types, and have developed successful methods for working with Zerodur glass-ceramic, calcium fluoride, stainless steel, zinc selenide, and other materials.

In addition to the challenges associated with manufacturing glass, Precision Optical offers assistance dealing with material availability. We can identify equivalent materials offered by the major glass manufacturers, and work closely with our network of reliable glass distributors, thus optimizing the price and lead times of optical components.