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    Optical Polishing
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    Optical Polishing
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    Optical Polishing
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    Optical Polishing

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Optical Polishing

Optical polishing is the precipice of optical fabrication. It is the department that without, one wouldn’t have finished optics. Our polishing department is truly one of the most unique and critical departments within Precision Optical. It balances ancient recipes of optical craftsmanship, with modern technology. Combined with autocollimation , interferometry and surface quality inspection equipment, this department continuously inspects in-situ.

Precision Optical currently has 26 continuous single-sided polishing laps. With a host of laps ranging from 24” to 76”, Precision Optical can accommodate optical polishing of substrates from 3mm to 735mm. Each lap can be configured for specific requirements and can currently polish any material listed on our materials page. With our new facility , we have the capacity to expand our polishing department for the industries demand. This growth can and will include polishing equipment dedicated to large flats, infrared materials, diamond turning, and lens polishing.

Since our days of polishing cornercubes that are still on the moon, to polishing the next great challenge, our confidence in meeting our customers demand is high. Thru decades of trial, experimentation, research, and demand-driven polishing, we have developed polishing techniques and recipes that are repeatable and of the highest quality. We welcome industry challenges as they continuously improve our process control and push the limits of our polishing department.