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Precision Optical Announces Catalog Porro Prisms and Right Angle Prisms

Precision Optical’s core products for nearly the past 60 years has been extremely precise prisms and prismatic optics.  To this day, our ability to produce high quality prisms in volume is virtually unparalleled in the industry.  In the 1980’s, our main product line was our catalog optics, including right angle prisms (shown to the left).  Over recent decades, we have evolved into a custom optical shop, meeting stringent, large-volume porro prism and right angle prism demands for a wide variety of custom applications across the globe.  While we will continue to be an industry leader in the production of customized optical components, we are pleased to once again offer catalog right angle prisms and now offer catalog porro prisms!

Catalog Porro Prisms and Right Angle Prisms

At this time, our catalog right angle prisms and porro prisms are available with N-BK7 substrate, in a variety of sizes (from 6.4mm to 50.8mm), angle tolerances (from 1 to 300 arc seconds), and coating options (anti-reflective and reflective).  Please visit our porro prism / right angle prism page and click the links at the bottom of the page to view our catalog drawings.

Similar to our alignment cube  and corner cube retroreflector catalog drawings, our porro prism and right angle prism drawings tell the customer how to specify his or her requirements with a logical and concise code, which will help facilitate the RFQ and ordering process.