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ANAB and RvA

Precision Optical Delivers Extremely High Quality Optical Assemblies

Building upon decades of optical assembly experience, Precision Optical is pursuing an expansion of the assembly services we provide to our customers. Precision Optical possesses a diverse set of assembly capabilities that includes custom prisms, mirrors, windows and lenses, in sizes ranging from 3mm miniature optics to large 500mm optical flats.

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Come to Precision Optical for Your Alignment Cube Needs!

Precision Optical has 55 years of precision manufacturing experience, and alongside our other high quality component products, such as corner cubes, penta prisms, optical flats, and custom prisms, we can produce some of the best alignment cubes in the market.

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Precision Optical Provides Thin Film Coating Solutions with Quick Turn-Around!

In recent years we have seen a growing demand for coat-only services, and Precision Optical is fully able to fulfill the diverse requirements. While significantly expanding the types of optical coatings we offer on substrates manufactured in-house, we also have grown in our ability to precisely schedule and maximize coating runs for efficiency gains.

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Precision Optical Routinely Produces High-End Optical Flats

Precision Optical has a long history of producing extremely precise optical flats. Even more so in recent years, Precision Optical has enhanced its ability to manufacture optical flats by adding more continuous polishers, higher-resolution metrology equipment, and large aperture interferometery.

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Precision Optical has greatly enhanced its angular and beam deviation measurement capabilities through the acquisition of a PrismMaster HR Mot goniometer from Trioptics USA. The goniometer is an extremely valuable addition to our shop, providing us with the capability to obtain absolute angle measurement capabilities, as opposed to the relative angle measurements obtained using traditional autocollimation techniques.

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