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Precision Optical Acquires Two New Laser Interferometers

In continuing Precision Optical’s goal of staying at the cutting edge of precision optics manufacturing, Precision Optical has added two new interferometers to its already impressive arsenal of metrology equipment. Already up and running, Precision Optical has added a new 4D 6” AccuFiz Fizeau© interferometer to its Polishing Department, and a Zygo Verifire ATZ© with a DMI radius slide to its Quality Assurance Department.

Every year, Precision Optical makes metrology equipment one of its top priorities when it comes to capital equipment acquisitions, and 2014 was no different. The two new interferometers not only increase capacity and quality in the production process, they also add new capabilities that allow Precision Optical to broaden its product range.

DSC_0013The 4D 6” AccuFiz is a fizeau phase shifting interferometer that was purchased specifically for our polishing department. With its powerful high resolution camera, the AccuFiz can perform precise in-process measurements of flatness and transmitted wavefront error, increasing the level of correlation between departments. Combined with the skill of Precision Optical’s polishing technicians, the AccuFiz enhances the production of our products, such as corner cubes, porro prisms, mirrors, windows, and custom plano/prismatic optics. The instrument also has dynamic capability, further justifying its use as a “high end” in-process fizeau interferometer.

photo 1The Zygo Verifire ATZ is a 4” phase shifting interferometer that has been mated with a 1.8m radius slide and displacement measuring interferometer (DMI) that give Precision Optical the new capability to make precise measurements of components with curvature. In combination with the radius slide, a three jaw chuck, five axis mount, and transmission spheres, we have the equipment necessary to accurately inspect lens elements and also provide additional metrology services for our customers.

The addition of these new instruments is all part of Precision Optical’s continuing pursuit of being at the forefront of precision optics manufacturing.