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Precision Optical Manufactures Multiple 24″ Optical Flats in 2016

IMG_0975In 2016, Precision Optical produced multiple optical flats greater than 600mm in diameter.  Our nearly-60 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, coupled with our fabrication and state-of-the-art metrology equipment, has allowed us to successfully delivery optical flats of this size.

24 Inch Final Inspection 2Fabricating optics in this size range is no walk in the park.  It takes dedicated tooling, equipment, hoisting mechanisms, and support fixturing for proper inspection.  It also involves great risk due to the sheer size and cost of substrate material.

We are extremely pleased with our ability to successfully machine, grind, polish, and inspect optics of this size, while still providing the level of quality and customer support that our customers expect.  We have also gained the capability of interferometric stitching, so that we can analyze interferometric data larger than we can currently physically inspect.24 Inch Stitched Fringes

While our ultimate goal is to be able to provide in-house thin film coating solutions for optics of this size, in the interim we have partnered with strategic and reliable suppliers for coating services in order to provide turn-key solutions for program needs.  We are also working toward acquiring an interferometer with a 24-inch aperture.

24 Inch Roughness 2We are continuing our trend of the manufacture of very large optical flats, windows, and wedges into 2017, and we are currently manufacturing the largest and heaviest optics we have ever built.

Visit us at Photonics West in San Francisco at booth 1041 South Hall to discuss any very large optics requirements that you may have, or, you can contact us at (949) 631-6800 or at!  Please browse our website to learn more about our ability to produce reference flats, our large optical flat capacity, mounting capabilities, or our metrology services.