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Optical Flats, Mirrors and Windows

Typical Specifications

  • Material: N-BK7, Fused Silica, Zerodur, Supremax, Custom
  • Sizes: 3mm to 735mm
  • Dimensional Tolerances: ± 0.012mm to ± 0.250mm
  • Clear Aperture Types: circular, square, custom
  • Clear Aperture Sizes: up to 90% of edge dimension / surface area (typical)
  • Surface Quality: Per MIL-PRF-13830_B; ANSI/OEOSC OP1.002-2009; ISO 10110
  • Bevels: 0.25mm – 0.50mm face width or custom
  • Surface Flatness: λ/40 – λ/8
  • Transmitted Wavefront: λ/20 – λ/4
  • Parallelism / Wedge Angle: < 1 arc second to < 1 arc minute or custom
  • Coatings: Laser line anti-reflection, broadband anti-reflection, dielectric mirrors, metal mirrors, custom coatings

With over 25 continuous polishing laps, Precision Optical has capacity to handle the most demanding requirements for optical flats, mirrors, and windows. From miniature Risley wedges to high-powered laser line mirrors to large interferometer flats, our experienced polishing technicians produce optical components with superior flatness, transmitted wavefront, parallelism and mechanical dimensions, with minimal cosmetic surface defects.

Our coating chambers are configured to handle optical flats ranging in size from 3mm to 480mm. Coating capabilities include laser line, broadband and multi-band anti-reflection coatings, dielectric mirrors with high laser damage resistance, and plasma enhanced dielectric coatings with excellent thermal stability. We also offer protected/enhanced metal mirror coatings and neutral density filters. Please visit our coatings capabilities page for more information.

Precision Optical’s array of state-of-the-art metrology equipment, such as advanced phase-shifting interferometers, dynamic interferometers, and large aperture beam expanders, allow precise measuring of optical flats of all shapes and sizes. Along with the challenges associated with fabrication of large optical flats, also comes the challenge of proper interferometric inspection. Precision Optical utilizes custom tip/tilt hardware and proper mounting techniques to ensure precise measurements. With three-flat inspection (absolute calibration), homogeneity inspection, repeatability and standard deviation analysis, and large aperture inspection, Precision Optical can produce some of the highest end optical flats, windows, and mirrors available on the market.

In addition to manufacture and thin-film coating, Precision Optical also has the ability to assemble and mount optical flats. We are very experienced using various epoxies and adhesives in order to meet customer requirements. Custom wooden boxes with protective lining or PET-G packaging are available upon request.