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Paul Dimeck is Precision Optical’s Employee of the Month for April 2014


Precision Optical is pleased to announce that Paul Dimeck Jr. is its employee of month for April, 2014.  Paul began his career in optics in 1983 building optical instruments at Cubic Precision K&E.  He was an optical apprentice under master optician Manfred Schiller.  Manfred groomed Paul into a master optician over a 10-year period.  During that time Paul also gained experience in thin film coating, reticle patterning, and optical alignment.  From there, Paul worked at Optics for Research (OFR) where he worked as the sales manager for five years.  He was hired at Precision Optical in 1998 as a program manager and was awarded our annual Founders Award the following year for excellence at his position. Paul has continued to be a valuable asset to Precision Optical ever since.


Paul is currently our V.P. of Sales, where his vast knowledge of optical fabrication, instrumentation, and metrology is utilized daily in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for our customers.  Wearing multiple hats is a common theme for employees at Precision Optical, and Paul wears several.  Whether it’s providing problem solving support, assembling critical optics, making Material Review Board decisions, or communicating up-to-the minute customer feedback, Paul does it all.  The month of April was Precision Optical’s best bookings month in over a year.  Also during April, Paul worked Saturdays and Sundays with engineering staff in order to meet delivery of critical mounted optical assemblies used for space applications.  Paul’s dedication to work is both broad and strong, holding the sales front as well providing critical support for both engineering and manufacturing.

Paul is a kind, charismatic, and genuine person.  He makes the work place an even better joy!  He is known within our company and the industry as Pauly, Pauly Walnuts, or Paulitiks!  He has recently appeared in an episode of A&E’s Storage Wars© (Season 5 Episode 11) where he was recruited by the staff to explain the functionality and estimate the value of a spectrometer.  Click this link to view the clip:  Paul has two children, Justin and Nikki, and a lovely wife, Jill, who are also part of the Precision Optical family.