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Janelle Krebsbach and Dave Pacheco are Precision Optical’s Employee’s of the Month for August & September 2014

JanellePrecision Optical is pleased to announce its employees of the month for August and September 2014.  Janelle Krebsbach is our employee of the month for August.  Janelle is our lead interferometric technician, specializing in interferometry inspection and analysis.  Interferometric inspection resolves data down to the nanometer.  Interferometric testing is performed in a very sensitive work environment and requires consistency and intense attention to detail.  Janelle is organized, efficient, and smart.  Her work ethic and reliability are exemplary.  She is an ideal candidate to lead our quality department, and she has shown exceptional growth and interest in the field of Optics & Photonics since she began working for Precision Optical in 2012.

In addition to her dedication in optics at work, she has pursued an education in Irvine Valley Colleges Photonics Technology Program:  The Photonics Technology Program at IVC is aimed toward furthering the advancement of photonics technicians, hence making it an ideal program both for Janelle’s schedule and her academic/industrial interests.  In her free time, Janelle enjoys going to the beach and photography.  She is also an avid Angels and Packers fan!

DaveDave Pacheco is our employee of the month for September.  Dave is our maintenance supervisor.  He is responsible for maintenance/repair on everything from Blanchard machines to thin film coating chambers.  He is well versed in our company’s maintenance requirements, as he has honed his skills and knowledge base of our company over the past 10 years.  Keeping our equipment optimally running is vital for our technicians to optimally perform.  In other words, your product is only as good as the tools used to make them.

Dave is a high-spirited “go getter.”  In fact, he’s known throughout the company as Big Wave Dave.  He tackles problems head-on, and isn’t scared to get completely filthy during the process!  He’s an optimistic and extremely reliable employee.  Dave has two children, Fiona (7) and Taj (3).  Dave’s most enjoyed hobby is surfing, which he does just about every day before he comes into work!

Congratulations to Janelle and Dave!