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Precision Optical has recently expanded its capabilities to include the assembly of large optical flats into metal housing assemblies.  The large optical flats are manufactured in house to meet exacting surface quality, flatness, and homogeneity specifications before being assembled for our customer’s application requirements.  This process has demanded significant contributions from nearly all of our manufacturing departments, from shaping to polishing, coating to quality control.  Essential to this effort is our 18” ZYGO interferometer and custom-built mount, which allow us to measure the optical properties of large prisms, mirrors, windows, and Optical flats.

Large precision optics are vital to numerous industries, including the semi-conductor, bio-medical, defense and aerospace industries.  Large precision optical components and assemblies, especially precision optical mirrors, serve a key role in areas of scientific research.  For example, large optical mirrors are especially important to astronomy where optically they are often the key component of space and terrestrial telescopes.  (Precision Optical is currently manufacturing infra-red optical components for the Multi AperTure mid-Infrared SpectroScopic Experiment.)

As optics increase in size, the challenges presented during the manufacturing and assembly processes become more severe.  Maintaining surface quality and flatness over a large optical aperture requires the most rigorous and exacting techniques.  Assembling large optics, which are often quite heavy, requires an experienced and steady hand.  Precision Optical is one of the few manufacturers that can produce large precision optics and assemblies that meet the tightest of tolerances.  If you have a project that requires the manufacture, coating, or assembly of large precision optical components, please call us at (949) 631-6800 or e-mail us at