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Precision Optical Welcomes Paul Jasser as Director of IT and Cyber Security

Precision Optical is delighted to announce that Paul Jasser has joined our team as Director of IT and Cyber Security.  IT security is increasingly important to companies in the technology and defense supply chains.  Paul will take lead on continually strengthening our security protocols with our customer base and valued suppliers, while improving our IT efficiency.  Beside being a top-notch IT expert, Paul is a great guy and a perfect fit for our congenial workplace.  Here are a few words from Paul:

My name is Paul Jasser, and I’m a man of varied (and particular) talents.  I’ve long held a fascination with things scientific and technical in nature, and it’s been my privilege to work in a field which allows me regular opportunity to indulge those aspects of my character. My background includes over 20 years in the IT field, and I credit my parents and my liberal arts education with giving me many opportunities to nurture a curious mind. I also spent my young working years in customer service, which, combined with my courses in psychology, provided me keen insight into working with people, which I very much enjoy. On my off-time, you’d be apt to find me listening to Miles Davis while conducting personal experiments in lateral grip, mayhap mulling over the state of the world and my place in it on the straights.

 My path with Precision Optical crossed a few years ago, and immediately I became aware of the caliber of the people that work here, and the caliber of work they are involved in and perform. It has been my honor to get to know the many excellent people here and I was excited to have the opportunity to dive into a few projects that, while still technical, were definitely outside the box of day-to-day IT.  I am grateful for the opportunity to assist them in a more complete and far-ranging capacity as their business grows and evolves, and look forward to helping lead the push forward.

 Welcome aboard, Paul!