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Arreola Family are Precision Optical’s Employees of the Month for May 2014

Hand Correction

Precision Optical is happy to announce its Employees of the Month for May, 2014.  The award is shared by three employees:  Carlos Arreola, Javier Arreola, and Victor Arreola.  Together, they comprise our Hand Correction Department, which is one of our most important manufacturing areas.  The Arreolas, who are all related to each other (Victor and Carlos are bothers, and Javier is their uncle), are an absolutely critical part of Precision Optical.  Between them, they have more than 57 years of experience at our company!

Working in our Hand Correction Department, they are responsible for manually correcting angles, achieving various levels of surface finish, and controlling mechanical dimensions to exacting levels of precision.  This work requires incredible skill and experience and the utmost dexterity (as, literally, their operations are performed “by hand”).  There are times in work flow when virtually every part on the shop floor has been touched by these gentlemen.  They have mastered a host of custom prism configurations and standard prism geometries, including pechan prisms, penta prisms, roof prisms, corner cubes, porro prisms, pyramidal prisms, wedge prisms and many others.   The workload in this department can be daunting, but the Arreolas are able maintain a superlative quality of work even when things are extremely busy – as they were in the month of May!  They also all have experience in cross-training others, and have continually supported Precision Optical’s efforts in “passing on” tribal knowledge, which is so critical to high-end precision optical manufacturing and sustaining a cutting-edge business practice.

Victor, Carlos, and Javier work as a tightly-knit unit, and so it is impossible to give the award to just one of them.  Their team effort, diligence, and excellence deserve recognition, and that’s why they are Precision Optical’s Employees of the Month for May, 2014.