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Precision Optical Announces Employees of the Month for June & July of 2014

Precision Optical is pleased to announce its employees of the month for June and July 2014.


Jack Douangpanya is our employee of the month for June.  Jack is one of our expert polishing technicians.  Jack started at Precision Optical in 1995.  He worked in our shaping department for a year, and then in hand correction for 8 months.  After that, Jack moved into polishing where he has worked for the last 18 years.  He has honed his skills over his long tenure becoming a consistent polisher for extremely demanding applications.

Jack is a team player and a nice person, making him an ideal employee for Precision Optical.   He exhibits an exceptional work ethic and is willing to go as far as he needs to get the job done.  In recent years, Jack has become extremely effective and efficient with corner cube polishing, achieving some of the tightest angles in the documented history of the company.  Jack’s wife, Noy, has worked in our quality assurance department since 1986. Jack and Noy have a combined 47 years of optical experience!

They represent three values of great importance to Precision Optical:  tenure, quality, and family.  Jack and Noy have two children:  Jennifer (29) who is a sous chef and Dominik (20) who is a third-year student at Cal State Fullerton.  

RodneyRodney Guzman is our employee of the month for July.  Rodney has been with Precision Optical since 1996.  He has served in a wide variety of company functions, including shaping, grinding, polishing, shipping/receiving and blocking/deblocking.  He has always been an extremely hard worker and currently is our force at blocking and deblocking.  Also, because he has experience in so many realms of optical manufacturing, he is a much needed source of knowledge.  There are times when we need to “turn back the clock” and think about manufacturing ideas from 20 years ago, and there are times when we need to “look ahead” and think about how to implement new manufacturing ideas on the horizon.  Rodney is a “go-to” guy for advice, and can always be counted on to pin-point problems and optimize work flow for the betterment of Precision Optical.

Rodney is a tremendous asset to the company and just a great guy!  Rodney is a taco aficionado and always knows the best places to get the best tacos!  He loves fishing and spending time with his three children Bianca (17), RJ (15) and Mikayla (12).    

Congratulations to Jack and Rodney!