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Bill Gagliano is Precision Optical’s Employee of the Month for January

Precision Optical is happy to announce that Bill Gagliano was January’s employee of the month!  Bill began his career in optics at Melles Griot in 1979, working as a coating and assembly technician.  He was hired at Precision Optical in December of 1986 by Al Lambert Sr, the BIlly_resizedGeneral BIlly_80's_resizedManager at that time.  Bill is one of our longest-tenured employees.  Currently our Coating Department Manager / Assistant to the VP of Manufacturing, Billy has worn many hats over the years for the company.  He has extensive knowledge of our coating and manufacturing processes, and is an absolute joy to work with.

Recently, Billy has assumed a lead role in managing work flow through the shop.  His efforts in this regard have helped us maximize our productivity and maintain the level of  quality our customers have come to expect from Precision Optical.  His loyalty and commitment to Precision Optical are recognized by all of his fellow employees.  His dedicated work ethic, attention to detail, and genuine character make him a premier employee.  Moreover, Bill’s wife, Rosemary, and son, Vinnie, also work for the company, making the Gagliano family and an essential part of our organization.