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Precision Optical acquires a NanoCam Sq dynamic surface profiler from 4D Technologies.

Precision Optical recently acquired a NanoCam Sq dynamic surface profiler from 4D Technologies.  This lightweight, portable profilometer has dynamic surface acquisition.  This means rather than placing optics underneath the instrument, the instrument itself can be moved to, or on top of the optic under test.  This gives tremendous versatility compared to conventional profilers, particularly when measuring large optical surfaces in process.

The Dynamic Interferometry utilized within the NanoCam, incorporates a high resolution (1.4Mpix) single camera, high-speed optical sensor that measures thousands of times faster than a conventional profiler (in less than 100 microseconds).  We now have the capability of quantifying surface roughness less than 1 Angstrom RMS. The instrument is repeatable to lesser than 0.05 Angstrom RMS.

In addition to providing quantifiable verification of finished optical surfaces for our customers, we will also use this instrument as a research tool to understand the surface roughness achieved on optical surfaces throughout the manufacturing process.  This will improve surface quality yields, improve manufacturing efficiency, and decrease cost and lead times associated with production of our precision optics.