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Precision Optical assists Irvine Valley College and OP-TEC in the preparation of lab videos for the course: Quality Assurance of Precision Optics

Precision Optical recently supported Irvine Valley College (IVC) in the production of lab videos for labs from OP-TEC’s precision optics technician (POT) course 1:  Quality Assurance of Precision Optics.  OP-TEC is the National Center for Optics and Photonics Education.

Precision Optical provided much of the hardware (light sources, optics, tools) and lab equipment (granite tables, dark room, lab space) to shoot the videos.  IVC’s Dr. Brian Monacelli directed, narrated, and edited the videos, while Precision Optical’s Nick Lambert was the primary videographer.  Precision  also had set and video support from Martin Runningwolf and Al Lambert Jr.

Dr. John C. Souders Jr., Director of Curriculum for OP-TEC, writes, “…the lab videos for the POT QA course are now embedded in our professional development course.  The content is spot on, your presentation is highly professional, the camera work is well planned and executed……Highest compliments to you and Precision Optical people.  These videos will further add the high quality of the QA course.”

John Chamberlain, senior associate at CORD writes, “From one OP-TEC video producer to another, I’d like to really compliment Brian on a job well done.  The lab videos are great!! Bravo!!  I really enjoyed your demos in QAPO-3A (stress birefringence), and QAPO-3C (interferometry).  And all around very nice camera work: especially peering through the telescope in QAPO-2C and the loupe in QAPO-3C.”

It was a very fun experience, and the Precision Optical staff looks forward to helping to produce more educational videos in the future!  We would also like to thank Brian Monacelli for heading this effort. Congratulations to him on a job well done!

Please feel free to view the videos and learn a little about the quality assurance of precision optics via the following link: