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ANAB and RvA


Precision Optical has greatly enhanced its angular and beam deviation measurement capabilities through the acquisition of a PrismMaster HR Mot goniometer from Trioptics USA.  The goniometer is an extremely valuable addition to our shop, providing us with the capability to obtain absolute angle measurement capabilities, as opposed to the relative angle measurements obtained using traditional autocollimation techniques.   This allows Precision Optical technicians to make precision prism angle, pyramidal, and perpendicularity measurements more accurately and efficiently.

The transmission attachment gives us the ability to inspect transmitted beam deviation through optics at any angle.  This is particularly useful in the characterization of penta prisms, half-penta prisms, right angle prisms, custom prisms, and assembled beam splitter cubes.  These enhanced capabilities will help Precision Optical further reduce project lead times, greatly benefiting our customers who require precision optics on a time-sensitive basis.  This asset gives Precision Optical the ability to inspect any external angle of a prism to within 0.2 arc second accuracy.  We can provide average and standard deviation of actual values via certificate, currently traceable to PTB, to ensure quality and complete customer satisfaction.  We are VERY excited to have added this extremely effective instrument to our arsenal at Precision Optical.