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Precision Optical recently contributed to the production of a new SPIE promotional film.  SPIE interviewed several Precision Optical employees at our facility  in order to capture the optimism, youth, and excitement that can be found in an optical shop work environment. 

The video will demonstrate to young students how optics technology is an essential element of many of the things they use in their daily lives, including cell phones, remote controls, bar code scanners, and computers. Also demonstrated by the SPIE promotional film are examples of cutting edge fields that incorporate optical technologies, such as nanomedicine, space astronomy, invisibility, and solar energy.  

The interviews will emphasize question asking, curiosity, problem-solving, creating ideas, enjoying one’s job, and the sheer fun of creating things that people need.  The film will stress how engineering and science jobs align well with commowith career motivators such as an enjoyable, good working environment, “making a difference,” good income, and work-life balance. The youthful background music, fast-paced imagery, and a smart young presenter work to keep students focused and interested throughout the film.  We look forward to seeing the final cut of the new video, and we anticipate using the video within our educational outreach program (ELOEP) to further encourage young students to pursue careers in science and engineering.