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Precision Optical Welcomes Brendon Faught as Thin Film Coating Engineer

Precision Optical welcomes Brendon Faught to our team.  Brendon has worked as a thin film coating engineer for both ZC&R and Cascade and brings along 23+ years of thin film coating industry experience.  The timing could not be better for us, as we have brought two new coating chambers online in the past two years.

One of those chambers is a 1.2m Tecport electron beam evaporator with ion assisted deposition.  The most recent is a CEC Navigator ion beam sputtering (IBS) evaporator.  Brendon is continuing to optimize the former for enhanced uniformity and maximum performance while characterizing materials, uniformity and coating development for the latter.  Our IBS chamber is nearly online and will begin depositing actual production runs very soon.

Precision Optical is expanding its coating capabilities like never before.  Our combination of coating technology, metrology, personnel, and our elite optical manufacturing capabilities puts us in an excellent position to capture more business for coating services in addition to full turn-key coated optics and optical assemblies.  We look forward to Brendon growing with our business and pushing the envelope of our precision optics to even greater heights!  Here are a few words from Brendon:

I have known Precision Optical to be a world leader and “staple” in this industry for many years.  With their vast historical portfolio they have made a strong, indelible impression in this industry.  I have personally witnessed the development of ultra-flat and prismatic optics, measured over areas greater than 660mm and smaller than 5mm.  At both custom thin film facilities I have worked for, Precision Optical’s name would continually crop up — frequently as the, absolute, only “bidder” on certain challenging criteria for HEL and astronomy applications. 

After joining this team it quickly became obvious to me that the combination of a state of the art facility, depth of knowledge, and the overall positive community atmosphere made for an excellent place to further my career.  It is undeniable that if it were not for Precision Optical’s ability to meet even the toughest industry and scientific community challenges the world would be a very different place.”

For inquiries regarding our thin film coating services and products, please contact  We can put you directly in contact with Brendon to help fine-tune your optical coating needs.