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Precision Optical Announces Employees of the Month for February & March of 2014

Precision Optical is proud to announce its employees of the month for February and March of 2014.

Gina Sanchez is our employee of the month for February.  Gina, our HR Director, has been with Precision Optical since 2004.  During her tenure, Gina has served many functions.  She started in shipping and receiving, moved into the accounting department, and now performs Ginathe company’s human resource and payroll functions.  In addition to handling her main duties (which are very challenging), Gina continues to supplement various other departments within the company.  Gina’s pro-activeness, positive attitude, and devotion to Precision Optical’s success make her a shining example to other employees.  She has a great sense of humor and is a real joy to work with.  Her contributions during the month of February were exceptional (even by Gina’s high standards!), and for that, we happily bestow this honor.

Our employee for the month of March is Xong Yang.  Xong is a key optical inspector who works in our “dark room,” where she performs vital surface quality inspections.  Her skill at this has been honed during her six years at Precision Optical.  During the month of March, Xong went Xongabove and beyond the call of duty by covering for an absent employee and performing crucial inspections at a vendor’s facility.  Xong is a dedicated employee who consistently performs under pressure.  She is kind and professional, and we are very happy to have her as a member of our team.  Xong was the clear choice for our employee of the month of March.

Congratulations to both Gina and Xong!