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Precision Optical to Exhibit at SPIE Photonics West, Booth 2040

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since the last SPIE Photonics West tradeshow in San Francisco!

PrecisionOpticalBoothAt this year’s Photonic West, Precision Optical will be exhibiting our 20’ x 10’ booth, Booth 2040.  We will be showcasing many of our optical component products, and we look forward to meeting with folks to discuss their custom optical system and component requirements.  Specifically, some services that we would like to promote and discuss include our metrology services, thin film and optical coating services, assembly services, catalog corner cubes, and large flats and reference optics capabilities.  Representing Precision Optical at Photonics West will be Jeremy Gordon, VP of Sales & Marketing,  Jim McClure, Sales Manager (Tue – Thur) , and Nicolaus Lambert, President & CTO, along with Al Lambert Jr., VP & General Manager (Tue – Wed).

Below is an excerpt from an article titled “Photonics West, A Special Event” written by OSSC Outreach Chair and Councilor Nicolaus Lambert, which was published in the Optical Society of Southern California’s February 2015 newsletter:

It’s that time of year again.  It’s time to pack up trade-show booths, marketing materials, and stock up on business cards.  It’s time to prepare for cooler weather if one’s from the South, and perhaps prepare for warmer weather if one’s from the North.  It’s time to get those suits, slacks, and jackets to the dry cleaner, kiss the wife and kids bye, and head to the annual SPIE Photonics West Trade Show in San Francisco, California. 

For some, Photonics West is an opportunity to investigate potential suppliers for a new opto-mechanical design.  For many, this event provides a chance to communicate with existing customers and establish new ones in person.  For others, this is a time to take courses specifically driven by the industry.  For students, it is a time to gain exposure into the industry outside of the academic realm.  But for all who attend, Photonics West is an opportunity to take a “snap shot” of the industry.  This snap shot gives us a glimpse of the past, and, more importantly, it gives us an idea of what’s to come. 

Some companies go to Photonics West looking to further expand an empire.  Others go to maintain their current business model and deepen their connections with their customer base.  But all businesses hope for positive “buzz.”  Who doesn’t want lines at their booth, and lead stations constantly utilized?  Yes, we are all hoping to land the next big contract, meet that new customer, or impress that existing customer.  And after wearing hard soled shoes and walking on mostly hard flooring (and most people dressing more formally than they would desire), there is nothing that sounds better than changing, getting a drink, and having a nice meal in downtown San Francisco!

Even within the cavernous Moscone Center, with hundreds of exhibitors, Photonics West is a surprisingly intimate affair.  This is due to the fact that the photonics and optics industry is a tight-knit group.  Scattered across the United States and the world are photonic-based companies that are special.  They are special perhaps because they are original in their business practice and product.  Some are special because they are very old companies that have a storied history.  Some are special because of ancient recipes and tribal knowledge that have been passed down thru the generations.   Some companies are special because they’ve taken a completely new approach to an old methodology. 

Without a doubt, most companies have to continually “stay ahead of the curve” in this industry, or else it is easy to fall behind.  That’s because, although ancient in our ways, and in the science that our forefathers of optics and electromagnetism established, we are only beginning to realize the POWER OF THE PHOTON.

The intimacy of our industry, and the catalyst for the strong bond between companies and individuals, is perhaps due to how special we all are.    

It is important to remember, no matter how busy business can make us, we need to take the time to laugh, share old memories, make new ones, and work together to ALL become leaders in this industry.  While spending time with your customers, suppliers, friends, students, teachers, and industrial colleagues at Photonics West this year, don’t forget what truly defines this industry:  how special it really is!

San Francisco, CA, USA