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Precision Optical Partners with Pasadena City College to Support Optics & Photonics Education

As a continuation of our previous efforts partnering with Irvine Valley College, we are now working with Pasadena City College (PCC) and it’s LaserTech program.

Similar to previous years efforts, Precision Optical offered to instruct a class within LASR245, the course titled Quality Assurance for Precision Optics.  Students were very engaged in the class and discussions were very encouraging.  The students asked intuitive questions of our industry-volunteer panel, which included Precision Optical President & CTO Nicolaus Lambert (instructor and demonstrator) and Shop Foreman of Optical Fabrication John Hllywa (field demonstrator).

After a detailed applications-based lecture offered by Precision Optical staff, the group was given a comprehensive shop tour of each critical department including optical cutting & shaping, fine grinding & polishing, and quality assurance.  For the cutting and shaping demonstrations, the students got exposure to our optical fabrication department, including our cutting, shaping, edging, blocking, beveling, and CNC work centers.  For polishing, the students were given full access to our polishing department, and several demonstrations were provided including observing “shop” test plate fringes, goniometer usage, and laser interferometry.  Students witnessed firsthand what it takes to properly fabricate an optical element from raw glass to near-net shape to a complete finished precision optic!  Particular emphasis during the manufacturing tour and demonstrations was placed on the importance and significance of quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process.  As the saying goes, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t make it.”

Precision Optical Supports Optics & Photonics Education

Precision Optical Supports Optics & Photonics Education

After manufacturing, the students witnessed several precision instruments being used in real-time to perform metrology operations including:   surface defects, material imperfections, mechanical inspection of physical dimensions, angular inspection, surface texture and surface form.  We look forward to continued mutual beneficial partnership with the Laser Technology Program at PCC and to continue to support optics & photonics education.